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Minutes of the AGM held April 2004

Andrew Suckling opened proceedings by welcoming everyone to the 2004 AGM.

1 Apologies for absence and proxies – Keith Brewer nominating Mike Hook, apologies from Mike Hook. Further apologies from Chris Simon, Betty Sheen Dave Shelley Harry Cowan. Harry had written a letter so Bob relayed the contents quickly – Harry acknowledges receipt and explains how important the project is to him and how important it is that he is kept up to date with developments. Apologies for non attendance – unfortunately nothing seems to have changed re Llangollen railway and he is not prepared to give support until it does – least required is that compensation is paid regarding the shop and that the shop returns to Llangollen station and that it remains there until, at least, the locomotive is revenue earning. Harry continues to say that he is still putting money aside in an 80072 fund being a proportion from model railway openings plus a proportion already set aside. I would release this if an acceptable, to me , arrangement be made with the Llangollen railway or the locomotive is moved to another site. The letter proceeded to send best wishes. A further letter from John Pearse was received but related to fund raising – to be dealt with under fund raising.

2 Minutes of last years AGM. Andrew Suckling felt that the minutes should have recorded the names of the directors being re-elected – Bob Jones took this on the chin and promised to be more specific. There were no other problems with the minutes – Andrew Suckling proposed that they should be accepted and Mick Compton seconded the proposal. All were in favour.

3 Matters arising – deadly silence

4 Chairman’s report – this has already been sent – Andrew Suckling had nothing to add. No one had any comments. Peter Evans proposed acceptance and seconded Owen Sheen – all were in favour.

5 Secretaries report – RJJ normally has nothing to report. This year was, however, a break with tradition in that the accountant has asked when the locomotive was likely to run as they had not been paid for years. The accountant was hopeful that something was likely to happen soon –so what are the prospects???? It was agreed that the project manager would reply to this in his report. RJJ then said that he had received notification that the photograph website had been withdrawn as no one had looked at it for some time. The website was free provided it was used – it had now been withdrawn. The other site is still in existence but as it is in RJJ’s laptop and because he had now acquired a desktop he felt that he may start again from scratch. Peter felt that if I was to redesign the site I should stress the word steam. There were no further questions.

6/7 Project manager’s report/fund raising – apart from the boiler there is about 15% to be done. The bottom end is 85% complete – at the moment work is progressing on the cab and the bunker – the bunker leaks – as a repair is effected it leaks somewhere else – as you get higher it leaks – at the moment we are about 6 inches off the top. Basically it is one area that requires attention. Regarding the boiler it was intended that the boiler would go to Crewe soon – unfortunately the pre- boiler work has not been finished – it will go to Crewe later rather than sooner. There is then the problem over finance – Peter thinks that £50000 is the price that it will cost. The bottom line is that Peter hopes for the boiler to be sorted and for a wheel to be turned by 31 December 2005 with a service date of May 2006. RJJ said that the accountant would be more impressed if we wrote to each shareholder and asked for funding for the final push. We have £16000 in the engine account and £4000 in the shop account – that will finish the bottom end – leaving £50000 for the boiler – a total of £70000 is required to finish the engine. Share income is £250 per month on standing orders – the shop is averaging £75 per opening. The shop will make money – if it is open – at the moment it open once a fortnight. We need someone to open the shop. RJJ suggested that we should approach the membership – Owen said we ought to beg and implore.
Peter threw the question open as to what we would do regarding raising the extra cash etc. It was agreed that the letter drafted by Mike Hook to be sent by Peter by email to Andrew and Bob – the letter to include a request for volunteers to man the shop.
RJJ read a letter from John Pearse regarding fund raising and footplate experience – the mighty Mogul is now in service – and the suggestion put forward regarding fund raising is one that we will take on board when we are up and running.

8 Treasurers report and accounts. An abbreviated copy of the accounts was sent round those members present. RJJ explained that not a lot had happened over tbe last 12 months. More money had come in than was spent – hence a little more in reserve – earmarked for the boiler. There are no financial problems other than funding the final push. RJJ asked if the boiler was original - our boiler is off 80120 – it was changed in 1959.
Andrew Suckling proposed the accounts – Mick Compton seconded. Peter Evans asked if the bar was open.

9 Shop report – this has already been covered.

10/11/12 Appointment of Directors, Secretary, Auditors. Mike Hook retires by rotation – and offers himself for re-election, RJJ offers himself for re-election as secretary and Tollit and Stockton as auditors. Andrew Suckling proposed and Gordon Hood seconded.

14 AOB – no other business

15 Date of next meeting – time and place to be decided

Llangollen Standard Four Trust

1 Apologies and Proxies Dave Shelley, Betty Sheen, John Pearse, Harry Cowan

2 Minutes – draft minutes have been circulated Andrew Suckling proposed approves seconded Gordon Hood – all in favour

3 Matters arising – none

4 Chairman’s report – already circulated – Andrew Suckling had nothing further to add. Proposed to accept the report Peter Evans seconded Gordon Hood – all in favour.

5 Secretaries report – nothing to report

6 Treasurers report – RJJ passed round abbreviated copies of the accounts. RJJ went through the various pages that he had supplied. All present were happy. Peter asked for details of how the shop profits were accounted. RJJ explained. There were no further questions. Andrew Suckling proposed approval – Owen seconded – all were in favour.

7/8/9 Election of trustees, Secretary – Gordon Hood retires and offers himself for re election

10 Any other Business – Peter asked how we advertise the Trust. Owen advertises at the car boot sales, other than that – it was suggested that we put posters up. It was suggested that we devise another leaflet. The Grange have a colour leaflet on A4 which is folded into three – to think about……..

11 Date for next meeting – to be decided.


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